Camp Mach-Kin-O-Siew

In Memoriam
CR Pavlicek

Each year at the opening campfire, CR would challenge the campers at Mach to find a place in camp that was special to each of us; the waterfront, field sports, the outpost camps. He told us to claim that place as our own, to learn and grow in that place in camp.
All of 13's Scouts and Scouters will cross the bridge to Lyon's Den in the coming years remembering a man who made all of Camp Mach special.


In Memoriam
Bob Stretch Farnesi

For 22 summers Bob spent a week at Mach as a Scouter, Leader, & Friend. Cooking for the Owl Patrol, assisting the operation of the rifle and shotgun ranges, and leading Venturing Crew 13. His last summer camp was at Mach. The Scouts and Scouters will miss his leadership, humor, and friendship.


Camp Mach-Kin-O-Siew was located 300 miles north of Chicago, Illinois in Elcho,Wisconsin.

It was one of the camps run by the Pathway to Adventure Council. It was a Patrol style camp and the boys must cook all meals. There was no dining hall at this camp. All of the sites were primitive and heavily wooded.

A few of the unique areas at Camp Mach were:
The Bog Hike- Camp Mach has large areas of bog and a special hike is always planned by patrol. The hike is messy, it smells, & it's great fun. Bog is floating land and each step is a new adventure. The hikes last 45 minutes and conclude with a "bog fight".

Panning for Gold- Several streams near Camp Mach have areas of pyrite (fools gold) and after a short 5 mile hike the Scouts can " pan for gold ". This is a Scout favorite and each Scout goes home with several pieces of " gold ".

CAMP MAC-KIN-O-SIEW was closed in October 2015 after 50 years of providing the only wilderness experience in our council. It will be missed!
The Troop & Crew will be camping out-of-council @ Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation.