Camp Supply List


The following lists assume Patrol style camping & that the Troop Quartermaster has packed basic patrol gear, including tents and cooking utensils. These lists are for both Scouts and Scouters.

Sleeping Bag & Extra Blanket
Ground Cloth ( Plastic Garbage Bag )
2 Days of Clothing
Flashlight and Extra Batteries
Toothbrush, Toothpaste, & Plastic Cup
Towel and Soap
Toilet Paper and Kleenex
Sweater and Jacket
Work Gloves ( Leather Palmed Work Best )
Baseball Type Hat
Mosquito Repellant - NO SPRAY
UNIFORM - MUST Be Worn To & From Camp
Mess Kit - Plate & Cooking Utensils
Vitl Kit - Knife, Fork, & Spoon
Rain Gear (plan for rain)
Knife, Rope, & Scout Handbook
Compass & Canteen

Use The List for Weekend Camps AND:
1 Set of Clothing For Each Day at Camp + 2 extra Full sets of Clothes
1 Extra Pair of Boots (plan for rain)
Swimming Trunks
Extra $$$ for The Trading Post
Shampoo, Comb, Shaving Gear, Etc. - Remember a Scout is Clean

These are the most basic supplies you will need. Extra items you will want to bring include a camera, pillow, air mattress, camp chairs, & fishing gear. Just remember, you're camping, NOT moving into a new house. Keep your list simple and enjoy the outdoors.