Arrow of Light Ceremony


CUBMASTER: Our Webelos Scouts have brought great honor to Pack 13 this year as they have climbed the Scouting trail together. They have worked hard on their activity badges and have attained Cub Scoutings highest award, The Arrow of Light. Through the past years, the parents & leaders of Pack 13 have tried to instill in these boys the seven virtues of life that Scouting promotes. These virtues form a bridge that will help these boys become good citizens.
Now, _____________ will read the seven virtues of Scouting as our other Arrow of Light recipients light the seven candles on our Arrow of Light display.

WISDOM: Having wisdom doesn't mean that a person is smarter than others. It means that he uses what he knows to live a better life. (light candle)
COURAGE: Courage does not mean you have no fear of danger. It means you can face danger despite your fear. (light candle)
SELF-CONTROL: This means being able to stop when you have had enough of something, such as eating, playing, or even working to much. (light candle)
JUSTICE: Justice means being fair with others we play and work with, regardless of who they are. (light candle)
FAITH: Faith in God and things we can not see but feel are true. (light candle)
HOPE: Hope means to look forward to good things you believe will happen. You hope for better things tomorrow, but at the same time you work hard today to make them happen. (light candle)
LOVE: There are many kinds of love. Love of family, home, fellow man, God, & Country. Every kind of love is important for a full and happy life. (light candle)

CUBMASTER: You will find that if you live by these seven virtues, your life will be happier. It is now my pleasure to present each of you to the Scoutmaster _______________. Our first Arrow of Light recipent is ______________.