After 38 years, Pack 13 purchased a NEW 4 lane track & lane brain. In the near future we intend to be running the race by computer software, utilizing "The Judge" lane brain. The pinecar racing specifications, BSA13 basic rules, & Race Rules will remain the same. We hope this new track provides "13" with years of racing!

Pinecar Racing Specifications
* Maximum car size, including wheels is 7" long, 2 3/4" wide.
* Minimum car width between wheels is 1 3/4".
* Minimum clearance between car and track is 3/8".
* Maximum car weight is 5oz. Metal or wood may be added.
* NO wheel bearings, bushings, springs, starting devices, loose or moving weights or parts are allowed.
* NO liquid graphite is allowed. It destroys the wood on our track.

BSA 13 Basic Rules
* All cars must be weighed in the night before the race during the regular Den Meetings.
* BSA 13 will add graphite to each car & will make sure all wheels turn freely.
* All cars will remain at the Community Center overnight.
* Your car number will be given out, in order, as you weigh-in.
* Tigers & Cubs will receive numbers between 1-60, Boy Scouts & Crew members will be 75-100 & Scouters will receive numbers between 101-120.

Race Information
* Divisions for race night are Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, & Scouters.
* Plaques will be given out for 1-4 in Cub Scouts.