Welcome to Scouting with Pack 13!!! The information found on this sheet will help you get started in Scouting.

The Scout rank you work towards is determined by your grade in school.

* Kindergarten - Lion Cubs
* 1st grade - Tiger Cubs
* 2nd grade - Wolf Scout
* 3rd grade - Bear Scout
* 4th grade - WeBeLoS Scout (1st year)
* 5th grade - WeBeLoS Scout (2nd year)
* 6th grade - 18 years old - Boy Scouts

Den Meetings - Are held once a week, on Tuesday evenings, (2-3 times per month for Lions & Tigers) for one hour. During Den Meetings the scouts work on scout advancement, build art & craft projects, & have game time. (Lion & Tiger Parents are required to attend one of the den meetings each month.)

Pack Nights - Are held once each month and work around a theme. For example, October is Halloween Pack Night and January is our Pinewood Derby Race. All parents, brothers, & sisters are invited to Pack Nights. Pack Nights are on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm in October, November, December, March, and April. The January, February, and May Pack Nights are held on weekends. The Pack Newsletter will have more information on Pack Nights.

Outings & Projects - Include our annual events; Rocket Launch Day, & our Winter Walk in the Zoo. Our Pack Newsletter will have information on these & other activities.

Uniforms - ALL scouts should have a uniform shirt. It is the way we show off our Scouts advancement. Our council, the Pathway to Adventure Council at 811 Hillgrove in Lagrange has Scout supplies. When you buy the shirt, you will also need the white on red numbers "13" & a council patch. We are in the Pathway to Adventure Council. Finally, the scarves the scouts wear are by rank. Yellow for Lions, Orange for Tigers, red for Wolves, blue for Bears, & plaid for WeBeLoS. Information on Pack 13 Hats will be available in October.

Books - Are the MOST IMPORTANT item to have right away. The books help your son advance in rank.

Fees - The cost to enroll your Scout each year from January to December is currently $75.00. (This fee is collected in early December) For any Scout who signs up during the year a partial fee is collected. Also, DUES are paid each month to the Den Leaders to help pay for projects. Dues are $2.00 for Tigers, $3.00 for Wolf & Bear Scouts, & $4.00 for WeBeLoS Scouts each month. T-shirts & hats with the "13" logo are also available.

Leaders - We are currently looking for parents who would like to help Pack 13 this year. Please talk to any of the Leaders if you can help out this year.

QUESTIONS ? - Contact the Cubmaster, talk to your Den Leader, or e-mail us.